The price of training and payment methods

The price of training and methods of payment.

All theoretical information is free. The schedule of training with each student is made individually, with accordance to the wishes of the student.


The cost of one training block (10 individual lessons) is 190 euros. If you pay the entire course (20 individual lessons), the cost will be lower than separate payments, and will be 330 euros.


Payment Methods:

1) SWIFT - payments. Possibility of payment in dollars and euros.

2) Money transfer "Western Union".

In particular, there are low tariffs for transfers between the countries of the near abroad.


3) Money transfer "MoneyGram". The network of branches of the company consists of more than 350 000 points in 200 countries of the world.

4) Payment through the RIA international money transfer system, which has 272,000 service points in 147 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.


5) With the help of the electronic payment service "Yandex Money" or "WebMoney".


6) Replenishment of the "Privatbank" card. I will tell you the card number in addition. Choose the nearest branch of the bank you can here:

And if you have a Privatbank card, then you can pay through Privat 24.


7) Postal money order within Ukraine, as well as with countries: Russia, Kazakstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Moldova, Georgia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Croatia, Greece, Slovakia, Portugal, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Syria and Bulgaria.

To send a transfer, you need to go to your post office with a passport and form a money order. I will send you my details additionally. The only thing, please note that the transfer will take about a week.


  Any other methods convenient for you and accessible to me are possible.