About training

About learning tarot cards

During the years of teaching the Tarot, I drew attention to the fact that almost anyone can be taught to read the Tarot cards. In any case, success depends on the patience, perseverance, interest of the student more than on his personal qualities ...

Обучение таро
What the course consists of, and what topics we will consider in the learning process

The course consists of 20 lessons, and is divided into two blocks, 10 lessons each. As for time, one block takes approximately 1 month, consequently, two blocks take two months of training....

Карты Таро

Marina Loktionova

Kharkov, Ukraine

Dear Vitaliy Aleksandrovich, I want to thank you for the time you have devoted me, for the knowledge that helped to answer many questions and opened new facets in me. I really enjoyed your lessons online, none of my request or question was ignored, and each topic was disclosed quite deeply and intelligibly. Special thanks for the real examples from life and tasks, VERY exciting course of training!

Tatyana Zavalnaya

Toronto, Canada

Before I started working with Vitaliy, I took two Tarot courses online with well-known tarot specialists. But, firstly, it was expensive, and secondly, without live communication, through webinars and lectures. When I was studying with Vitaliy, I got incommensurably more. He has an amazing ability to give a large amount of material in a short time. He explains very simply and intelligibly. The more questions you prepare for the lesson, the more returns you will receive. I was very pleased with the selection of layouts in homework. You can use them for your practice, as they are simple and informative at the same time. Thanks Vitaliy for the entire course and for the fact that he gave me confidence that I can!

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The price of training and methods of payment

All theoretical information is free. The schedule of training with each student is made individually, with accordance to the wishes of the student.

The cost of one training block (10 individual lessons) is 150 euros. If you pay the entire course (20 individual lessons), the cost will be lower than separate payments, and will be 270 euros.