About learning tarot cards

About studying.

During the years of teaching the Tarot, I drew attention to the fact that almost anyone can be taught to read the Tarot cards. In any case, success depends on the patience, perseverance, interest of the student more than on his personal qualities.


Of course, with esoteric abilities, it is much easier to achieve the desired result, but people with poorly developed intuition have a chance to learn fortune telling too. They just need more time and effort.


The difference between my proposal for training and other proposals is 20 individual practical classes! Nowadays, there is a free access to a lot of information, literature on the meanings ​​of tarot cards in the Internet, there’s no problem to find it. I will send you one of such e-books, which I like very much and agree with the interpretation of the cards in this e-book. That’s why I won’t begin with the teaching of the meanings ​​of tarot cards, as it usually happens in other courses, and I won’t take the appropriate fee for the theory, because you will receive the entire theoretical base for free. We’ll start directly with practice, and during the process of passing 20 individual practical classes you will learn to read tarot cards. I have reviewed a lot of proposals for training Tarot, but I didn’t see anything like this anywhere. Thus, you can save your MONEY and TIME.


The another difference is the absence of a time limit for studying. Everyone works when it is convenient, and our communication takes place by e-mail. I’m sure, you should also like that you can plan your time on your own and work with cards when it suits you.

You can review information of the course here: What the course Tarot consists of

You can find information of the cost of training and methods of payment here: Cost of training

This author's course was developed by Svetlana (http://www.maska.kharkov.ua/), and for the years of teaching it proved itself to be a very effective course in the studying of tarot cards. Each lesson is accompanied by a video tutorial and a theoretical part. It makes a process of studying easier and much deeper.


You can take a free trial lesson to make sure if this course suits you. Contact me in a way that is convenient for you:

   E-mail: ierofant_taro@yahoo.com

   Viber, WhatsApp: +38(067)9964882