What the course Tarot consists of

What the course consists of, and what topics we will consider in the learning process.

The course consists of 20 lessons, and is divided into two blocks, 10 lessons each. As for time, one block takes approximately 1 month, consequently, two blocks take two months of training.


In the first block you’ll get the basis of Tarot, basic knowledge and skills of working with Tarot cards. The second block  has been put in place to those who want to study the tarot more deeply. It’s including larger and more complex layouts, a health lesson and numerological calculations based on Tarot cards.


Each task consists of a theory that explaining the process, and a video tutorial with an example of the execution of the scenario. For example, how to determine the gender and age of a person, the number of children, how to look at the answers: Yes or No, how to perform the proposed disposition in tasks. Also, I will show you the 5 most working methods for determining tarot time and so on.


Communication is done by e-mail. You get the task, do the house outline, describe the positions of cards you have dropped out, and try to interpret these cards yourself. And then I comment the implementation of task and tell you if you were right or not, another interpretation of the dropped cards. And I’ll tell the real story of the person you’ve been looking at. If you have any questions about my interpretations, I will answer them and explain why the cards are read this way.


After completing my course, you will be able to use the Tarot for yourself and for others, that is to do the laying out for love, for relationships, for work, for business, for study, for questions of choice. And this is 95% of the questions to the tarоrider, as my practice shows. Then you can teach reading tarot cards other people.


What will be the tasks?

The tasks will be very different, we will work on the photos, do the layouts for yourself or your friends. Most of the tasks are layouts, for example, the past, the present, the future; on love relations; on the analysis of a personality; forecast for you in all areas of life for a year; the layout "Choice", "Analysis of professional activities", "Celtic Cross", your "Level of knowledge in the Tarot", etc.


A part of the tasks will be like telling how the life of a couple should be by three wedding photos: whether they are together now, if not – what’s the reason for, whether there are children in this marriage and how many and so on. Also you will be able to determine the time of the event, sex, quantity, learn to answer Yes / No etc.

Lesson Plan.

1. Learning from the example of couples to read information about how their life has developed, whether they are together now, whether there are children and what gender. Learning to answer Yes or No.

2. The "Choose" distribution, very useful and often used in different spheres of life.

3. Learning to answer the question "How much" and read information about a person.

4. Layout "Light and dark," try to understand themselves.

5. Ancient, universal layout "Celtic Cross".

6. Learning to determine the age of a person and answer other questions on the example of famous personalities.

7. The "Career". This alignment will do for yourself, on the prospects of your work.

8. The definition of time for the Tarot. We train to work with five methods.

9. The "Retrospective relationship". We are training to make a balance for the finished relationship, all the nuances of which are already known.

10. The layout of the "Palace Bridge". Which of the two men should I choose?

11. Reading emotions from photographs and the layout of "Financial." With the help of this scenario you will learn what mistakes you make in handling money.

12. Layout "The current state of a human." It shows how it’s going in different spheres of person’s life.

13. One of the best, in my opinion, layout to relations - "Three blocks".

14. The health layout. Diagnosis of people you know well.

15. The balance of the past, present, future. "Hourglass". It can be done both in general and in a specific sphere of life. For example, how it’s going with work.

16, 17. Numerological calculations based on tarot cards, per person and per pair.

18. Layout "The level of knowledge in the tarot." You use it to check your knowledge in the Tarot and learn how to read cards in pairs, SA and MA.

19. The breakdown of the "Supreme Court". This is one of the best ways for a very detailed prediction of the future in all spheres of life.

20. Independent study, the final lesson.


If you want, in order for you to compose yourself an idea of ​​training, you can pass the FREE TRIAL LESSON. Then you will understand whether my style of training suits you or not. In order to pass a trial lesson, write me ierofant_taro@yahoo.com, and I'll send it to you.


The cost of training and methods of payment can be found here: Cost of training.

And in this video lesson you can see an example of how to make a layout from a FREE TRIAL LESSON.


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